Sunday, November 22, 2009

Planning a Dream wedding after being married for 10 years.........

Where do I start? We have 18 months until the date, but I want to start now. Help me out people-----what do I need to do!!! Where do I start!!!!

We are working on the PS3.......Almost there!! Send your feedback and link and I will post it once ours is full!! Thanks for stopping by!

Start Christmas in November.......

I have posted this post countless times, but I am going to do it again for those of you that did not get in on it last year or the year before (when we first started). Let's see, so far we have gotten:

A Wii
2 Ipods

Your turn to join in and have your friends save that money before the holidays!!!

First, let me get the questions out the way for you SKEPTICS (I was one at first as well!!!)

In exchange for users registering with an advertiser (also referred to as "completing an offer"), we are compensated for sending advertisers new customers. We then offer you the free gift from a portion of our compensation as a Thank you for using our site.

Examples of advertisers' offers include a variety of free trial offers, advertised products for purchase, credit cards, and subscriptions to membership services. The costs vary by offer. Some are absolutely free and can be discontinued without any further obligation while others may require a small purchase. Please review all advertiser terms thoroughly before registering. If you have any questions regarding any possible charges or advertiser terms, we do encourage you to contact them before hand to ensure that you are fully aware of any associated costs and/or obligation.

That is straight from the horses mouth!!

#2 DO They share your info?
Short Answer is- NO
Long Answer--------------
“Information Sharing and Disclosure
Transcendent Innovations will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone. Transcendent Innovations may send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when: We have your consent to share the information;
We need to share your information to provide the product or gift you have requested;
We need to send the information to companies who work on behalf of Transcendent Innovations to provide a product or gift to you. (these companies do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide to them beyond what is necessary to fulfill your product or gift order.);
We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process; or
We find that your actions on our web sites violate the appropriate Term and Conditions. If a user has been found to be attempting to defraud us or our advertisers, their information may be shared with other parties for further analyzation and/or prevent future fraudulent action or activity.”

NEXT go to the perspective website and sign up.........
After you have done that, you want to select the offer you want to complete, I would recommend #1-Instant Offers, and #2- Reading the requirements for such. Some may ask that you complete 20 days of the offer, or some may ask that you not cancel before 30-----_READ, READ, READ!!!!

Finally, forward your LINK to your friends (located on the PROGRESS Page under REFERRAL LINK)

Sit back and wait until your friends complete the referrals and then ORDER your GIFT!!!

Here are a couple of referral sites that you can get either CASH or gifts from
#1 -NANO options, cash, etc
#2-Video IPODs LINK
#3-Nintendo WII LINK
#4-IPODs, IPHONE, Apple TV, etc LINK
#5-High End Cameras OR Cash! LINK
#6-IPODs or Cash LINK
#7 - 360 w/or w/out games, cash, etc LINK
#8- IPHONE or cash LINK
#9- 360elite, cash etc LINK[/URL]
#10- Flash IPODs, cash, etc LINK
#11- PS3, cash, etc LINK