Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The countdown begins....

I had an appt today for my final lining check to ensure that my lining is plump and ready for the transfer. Ideally, most REs want your lining to be at least a 7 before transfer. Today mine was a 13.3! Usually around this time it is between 9-10. GO LINING GO! I guess my lining is performing well in order to cuddle one or two of those beautiful babies for my IPs!!! Can't wait til next week when the babies are ready for us!!! YAYYY!!!!!! Only 4 more days before I start my shots!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The END of my great visit with mom!

Today was my mother's last day here. I had soo much fun with her being here and taking my mind off EVERYTHING and just relaxing! I can't wait until her next visit here because she gives me a CALMMMMM that I need right now! LOL. LOVE YA MAMA!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

~*National Seat Belt Week*~

The week of May 21-28 is National Buckle Up America! EVERYONE is encouraged to wear their seat belts in recognition of this time (should ALWAYS wear one anyway!).

I was ONE of those people wearing mine this week and it could have very well saved my life. Yesterday (5/25) I was in a car accident. The driver in the opposite car, in an attempt to speed in front of me, caused the collision. His car and mine had to be towed, because they both could not be driven. Below are pics of the the mark the seatbelt made on my neck. The first is the day of the accident and the second one is today (the next day). SEAT BELTS save lives people! (even if they bruise you a bit)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday MOM!

My mother has arrived for her weekend visit with us!! Today is her 46th birthday and I am sooo happy that she could spend it with me! We first visited my brother's place (pictured above) and went to my house afterwards.
Mom stepping in and doing yard work on her DAY OFF!

Reading stories at night to Talia and Korrey.

This has really been the best visit seeing my mother interact with my children and my children enjoying time with their grandma!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Perfect 10!

Today was my first lining check after starting estrogen and my lining was a 10! The RE's office wants the lining to be at least 8mm at this point and they said it looks great! I am sooo happy for my IPs!! I can't wait.........oh wait........I have to....LOL.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Just as the title says is how I felt midway through the I wanted to PUNCH HER! LOL. After the stick the needles (pictured below) into your back, which does not hurt at all, they push them in further to find your "pressure points". Upon finding the pressure points, they attach wires to the needles (also pictured below) and the wires deliver a vibration that travels through the needles into your back.....a nice feeling, I might add! Upon removing the wires and needles, I was then given the massage, which felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I would go back every week just for that part of the session!!

So as it stands, I have a lining check tomorrow and will continue accu-punch-her until the transfer! Can't wait until the next's a very relaxing experience (at least the end of it)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Getting to the CORE of it all!

When it comes to IVF/surrogacy different people have their different "superstitions". Mine happens to be one of my favorite fruits~ PINEAPPLE!! (pictured above) It is also rumored that the CORE of the pineapple contains enzymes that aid in embryo implantation. Simply great in my eyes..........even though it is "superstition", i get to endulge in one of my fav foods and have an EXUSE to do so!!! LOL. to getting to the CORE!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

~*One step closer!*~

Received an email today from my IF that we are one step closer to operation Baby *Tinker* (Tinker, if a boy/Tinkerbell, if a girl). Our gestational surrogate agreement was VALIDATED today!!! I am sooooooo happy!! With my previous arrangement, this step was not done until AFTER the pregnancy was established. Some attorneys eliminate this step prior to the transfer and some wait until after the pregnancy has been established to do so. There are pros and cons to both:

pro: save financially on the cost of legal fees in the event the match is unsuccessful and no baby results from it.

con: during the journey an array of things could happen to prevent a timely filing -or- employing an attorney that drags feet about the whole process.

pro: less worry during the journey about taking care of this step because it is already taking care of

con: financially taking care of a step that could not be utilized

Either way, it really depends on the parties and their comfort level regarding how to go about handling this step. In this case, my IPs wanted to take care of it as soon as possible (less stress about it later) and I was happy to help in any way that I could! One step closer to my IPs welcoming a baby into their loving arms!!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Progress is *ALWAYS* good!

So far everything has been going according to planned and we are getting VERY close to the big day!! ('ll never know!) The testing done last week went great and the RE said that everything looks "beautiful"!! My IPs are very estatic and are beginning to get even more "giddy" about it all. On Thursday, I received the sweetest bouquet of flowers from them that said "Thanks for Everything.....we are sooo excited!!!" It was a really nice touch! I feel like i have sooo much to say, but that I really can not begin to put it in words! Hopefully, February of next year, my IPs will be welcoming a new addition to their family!! Send those (((BABY VIBES)))