Friday, April 13, 2007

Just a small update

Everything is going great!! I have a couple of interviews with a couple of law firms in the area and I am just over excited about what the week will be like next week!

On the surrogacy front, we have our first appointment scheduled and we will be doing a FET (frozen embryo transfer). Surely, not to disappoint----suspense IS still my middle name. I will update again regarding the progress probably after the FET is already done.........who knows?? Stay tuned, you may just get a sneak peek!!! LOL

Saturday, April 7, 2007

My heart skipped a beat!

There are some events in life that we experience,
which cause our hearts to either race or skip a beat.
A couple that stands out for me are:

Dec 28, 1999-The first day I met my soon-to-be husband.
At the time,he was the mail room clerk for my new unit
in Germany. I was greeted by this statuesque of a soldier
who bore a kool-aid smile and a newly shaved head. I
remember looking into his eyes and bearing witness to
a feeling I believe I would later calculate as
"love at first sight". My heart beat a little faster
and then as if a natural response to
those feelings--it skipped!!

The second event that stands out would be July 22, 2001,
the birth of my first born. Looking down at such an
innocent being and realizing that just two seconds before
I'D pushed him into this world as MY BABY BOY---
oh the feeling! Even with the remnants of what
I would refer to as his temporary house for 9 months
still freshly on parts of him, he still looked and smelled
like pure heaven to me. As he lay in my arms and I attempted
to coax him to my breast, my husband whispered his name.
As if he'd by instinct remembered the voice from when
he was inside the womb listening to bedtime stories,
or his father singing "ready for baby" songs,
he opened his eyes and turned his head to find the voice.
At THAT moment---my heart skipped a beat!!
October 10, 2003-Fast forward to 2+ years later and
I am yet again holding ANOTHER beautiful baby of mine!
She lay in my arms quiet and oblivious to HOW special
she was. My mother witnessed the very moment she entered
this world and was able to cut the cord
(my husband missed the birth by 3-5 minutes). Looking at
my daughter in the arms of the woman who birthed me
into this world caused my heart to skip a beat...maybe two!
August 9, 2006- This moment was a moment that still
to this day causes me to pause and remember how many
amazing people had a hand in such an amazing event!
Moments after the birth of my surro-daughter and while
still literally in stir-ups, I turned to my right and
could just clearly see a mother and father enjoying
their little GIRL! Tears came naturally for me as
I watched a look in their eyes that I could NEVER forget.
That of gratefulness coupled with joy for many years to come
with a child ushered into this world through a joining of
love and trust of two families. At that very moment---
my heart began to race! It was a feeling of excitement,
knowing that the best was yet to come!
Baby J was finally here and
finally with her mommy and daddy!
Well as I look back at those moments,
I can say that they truly will continue to flood my mind
over the years as my children grow, marriage grows and I
continue to bear witness to the growth of Baby J.
They will truly stand out as
"unforgettable moments" in my life.

April 7, 2007- At about 11:20, my husband, my children and I
were greeted by a East Coast couple whom I will refer to as
Peter (like Peter Pan) & Wendy (will explain later).
When we walked into the hotel lobby to greet P&W,
I remember looking around the corner and seeing
her face light up as we turned the corner. She stood
and walked towards me with a "cheezy" grin.
As we met, she embraced me. That moment---
MY heart skipped a beat!
The day went off without a hitch! My children bonded with P&W,
as did my husband as I! I can't believe that I am
for yet another journey!! The best is YET to come!!!

Why Peter & Wendy--simply to keep their names private..LOL.
I could have used P&O (Popeye & Olive Oil),
but I told a friend she could.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


It's only 3 days away and I am suddenly finding myself being a bundle of nerves! I talked to my husband yesterday about the EVENTS to come and he is just as excited as I am!!! Well-----I will keep everything on the hush UNTIL Sunday!! Then I will update with how everything goes!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I was April FOOLed

My cell phone rings, I awake from my sleep to answer it. I glance at the caller id and notice a familiar number....

"Hello.......Hey Mama"
I grunt as I swing my legs over the bed.

"Tashia!! How do I get to your house from this bridge?"
she asks, her phone breaking a little between the pause.

"Mama!! Are you in TEXAS??!!!"
I jumped out of my bed--dressed as I came into this world, fumbling through my dresser to find something to mask my post-pregnancy body that over the past couple of weeks has began to shrink a bit.

"How do I get to your-----"
I cut her off, because I am literally in awe that my mom has hidden this from me. Hidden the fact that she would take it upon herself to drive 10 hours just to see me!!!

"Mama, are you really here?"
I asked, one leg in a pair of cotton candy colored Terry Shorts.

"Latashia---this bridge is----APRIL FOOL!!!"
My mouth dropped and so did my phone and hopes that---right outside my door would stand the woman who gave life to me, to whom it has been more than a year since I'd laid eyes on and gave the biggest hug to. I pause and say,

"That is one cruel joke!"
Ladies and gentlemen, I was FOOLED!