Thursday, June 28, 2007

GO to sleep!!

My sleeping schedule is ALL thrown off! Since my sister and her kids have been staying with me, my pattern has been thrown all out of whack! I try to make it to bed by 9pm, but it seems by that time I get this amazing surge of energy and can't close my eyes. My husband has been of no assistance either, as he wants me to stay up every night with him and watch movies!! I start watching the movie and like clock work, every night, about 30 minutes into the movie, my eyes begin to get heavy and I just doze off....LOL. Here it 1:35 am, and I am still AWAKE!! I have an appointment in the morning and I have to leave here by 8!!! What am I thinking? I guess I will update more about my surrogacy process tomorrow after the appointment. Right now, I need to get my butt in the bed!!! SEE YA!

Monday, June 18, 2007

It's not just OJ!!!

I woke up this morning for my usual breakfast and to my suprise my orange juice EVEN revealed a GREAT sign to me!! The BEST BY date is the same as my transfer date!! Most people would look at the date and just chalk it off to being "just OJ".......for was more than that!! It was my one of MANY signs that date is the DATE to get preggo!! Ok, YES I took a picture!! LOL

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trip to the Barber Shop....

Today we took my nephew and son to the barber shop to get a hair cut. Unlike my normal trip to the Barber Shop, this time we had 5 children in tow! My son was ok with the haircut, but not too thrilled about the wait!!! LOL. While we waited for them to get their hair cut (which was about 3 hours), I took some funny pics of the kids waiting.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The new WHIP!!

Today I went and accepted delivery of my new 2007 Honda Civic!! I soooo love the interior and ride!! It gets about 30 miles in town and 40 mpg on the highway!! We are sooo happy!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy days are here again!!

So, this morning I took my final Provera pill and went to the car dealership with my husband to pick out the vehicle of our choice. We arrived home around noon and AF arrived as I walked in the house!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! We are one step closer to our transfer!! I am sitting here antsy waiting for the nurse to call my for my first u/s (probably Friday). Looks like our transfer should be on or around July 2!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Ode to Focus............

Today I went to collect the last of my things from my car that was totaled in the accident. It was hard opening the door and getting all my stuff out, but I know that it was not salvageable. I try to remain positive about the turn of events with everything and it still feels like the ceiling is falling in on me and I can not seem to find cover fast enough. Growing up, my mother always told us that everything happens for a reason and that when everything comes at you ALL at once, remember........there is a BLESSING coming! Below is the last picture of the car before the insurance company OWNS it!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Today I received a phone call from the Nurse Coordinator at the clinic telling me that the transfer was canceled. We are moving forward and preparing for a transfer for the first week of July.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

One stick closer!!

Today was my first PIO (progesterone in oil) shot! No matter how many times you do it (every cycle), the first shot is the SCARIEST!!! I have (and always will) administer my own shots from the first time I did started doing them. I literally have to stand in front of the mirror and talk myself into calming down before relaxing. It's a fun "episode" to watch. After the first shot, every shot following gets easier. I have a little voice in my head saying "One step closer to making them (my IPs) parents" and it gets me through it.

Today my voice told me that the 10 minutes it would take me to get through that shot could NEVER compare to the years my IPs have endured without a I just pushed through it----and each night will be easier. For the 12 weeks or so that I will have to give myself the shot, I will be ok. Face it............I could have been years without having my own children and had more to pain to endure, so for that, I am grateful and ONE stick closer to building a family!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Addicted to HPTs!

Here we are days away from the transfer and I am STOCKING up!! This transfer will be different, because my IPs don't want to have the results of my PEE-fest, so this time around I will have to keep it ALLLLL to myself!! What TORTURE!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Acupuncture Appt #2

This appt was different from the first, because I had the "JOY" of taking Talia & Korrey along. LOL. All of a sudden while laying on my stomach, I hear a snapping sound! Korrey went into my purse and began to snap pictures of me laying down!! LOL Here is one from his collection