Wednesday, May 9, 2007

~*One step closer!*~

Received an email today from my IF that we are one step closer to operation Baby *Tinker* (Tinker, if a boy/Tinkerbell, if a girl). Our gestational surrogate agreement was VALIDATED today!!! I am sooooooo happy!! With my previous arrangement, this step was not done until AFTER the pregnancy was established. Some attorneys eliminate this step prior to the transfer and some wait until after the pregnancy has been established to do so. There are pros and cons to both:

pro: save financially on the cost of legal fees in the event the match is unsuccessful and no baby results from it.

con: during the journey an array of things could happen to prevent a timely filing -or- employing an attorney that drags feet about the whole process.

pro: less worry during the journey about taking care of this step because it is already taking care of

con: financially taking care of a step that could not be utilized

Either way, it really depends on the parties and their comfort level regarding how to go about handling this step. In this case, my IPs wanted to take care of it as soon as possible (less stress about it later) and I was happy to help in any way that I could! One step closer to my IPs welcoming a baby into their loving arms!!


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