Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time to get more FREE stuff!!!

In case you missed it last time, I am posting this again for those of you who may be interested. So far there have been MANY who have profited from the free stuff and I hope many more will be added to the list!!! (Chime in if you have also been a recipient). I have gotten 2 IPOD touches and cash to buy a Wii.

Here are a couple of referral sites that you can get either CASH or gifts from
#1 -NANO options, cash, etc
#2-Video IPODs LINK
#3-Nintendo WII LINK
#4-IPODs, IPHONE, Apple TV, etc LINK
#5-High End Cameras OR Cash! LINK
#6-IPODs or Cash LINK
#7 - 360 w/or w/out games, cash, etc LINK
#8- IPHONE or cash LINK
#9- 360elite, cash etc LINK[/URL]
#10- Flash IPODs, cash, etc LINK
#11- PS3, cash, etc LINK

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