Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh really.........Isabella, Jenny, Jeny, Jessica, Jillian, Katie, Lauren, Lilly and the rest of those ACAI berry weightloss women!

I am determined to get this weight off and I told my husband that I was considering the Acai Berry weightloss method to see what happens. I happened upon a blog that mentioned it as well


I went ahead and ordered the product with my Walmart Debit Card I'd just activated as I was skeptical about using my bankcard. I got the order about 2-3 weeks later in the mail. It came in a envelope with a piece of paper saying thanks and call when you want to cancel.

Something told me to do further research (BEFORE it arrived) and I found SEVERAL sites that were very similar in wording and pictures of progress.



They all were just about the same words!!!

Then I found this site exposing Acai scams and found a host of other info!

Then I did a little googling and found several sites with the same pic, but different names!

Ann Conrad -personality #1

Naomi Conrad- personality #2

Katie Carson- personality #3

Jenny Conrad- personality #4

Sarah Carson- personality #5

Need I say more? I just quoted a few words from the website and found these results for the SAME picture, different names! Yahoo Search Results

Someone came upon the REAL photos and found that they were actually photo shopped and used to build the various sites!

Photos taken from Istock photo and photo shopped for the Acai Berry sites
the blog

I went ahead on Amazon and ordered a bottle for $5.49 +shipping and handling (I went ahead and got 4 bottles) and am assured that I will not be charged any crazy fees for not canceling!!

All in all, I am just writing this entry to alert people to READ before ordering your acai!!! PLEASE be careful!!

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