Saturday, March 17, 2007

She showed up today!

Many would wonder who "she" is, but if you are a surrogate, you can understand my excitement about my period being here.......LOL Yeh, it's merely insane to wish for a thing you curse once it's here, but it's "surro-nature".

Today marked the end of Spring Break for my son and the beginning of bliss for me!! Monday he will return to school as usual and I will return to loving my days of "relaxation". Lately, I have been pondering the idea of becoming a school teacher. Although, I would love to go back to the work force, I equally enjoy my time with my two angels and I know that teaching offers that flexibility--plus, I get to make a difference in the lives of young children. Teaching takes me back to the days of elementary. There were two teachers that influenced me that I would never forget. One of them died shortly after I went to the military, but the other (still alive) takes time out for me whenever I go home to visit. To know that one day I could do for someone what they did for me is a motivator for me.

This week was very slooowww. My whole family became ill with strep and the flu and we were out of commission until just recently. I am feeling alot better, but I still have a little of the "sniffles" left. Today I watched "Run's House" marathon and saw previews of the newer show to come on. I had NO idea that his wife, Justine had given birth in Sept '06 and that their baby girl died shortly after!!! THAT was really sad! From stories I read on the net, it was rumored that she was born with a rare condition where her insides were out. Very sad and I am very sad for that family.

How are things going for me on the surrogacy front? They are ok. I am VERY cautious, though. Alot of my surro-friends are saying "Take time to get to know them! You have to get to know them" Honestly, after my last experience I have learned that it could easily go either way. You could know someone for years and the relationship go to hell -OR- you could meet a family and develop a lifelong friendship. I guess I will take my chances with the latter. Reality is, I am doing this to help complete a family. A relationship after for me is a bonus. Although I know that having one after COULD happen, I also know that it COULD NOT. As long as my husband is on board and honestly gives me his views, I am ok with moving forward right now.

One thing I have noticed a lot with matching is the anxious feeling. The "let's get it on" and no, not like Marvin Gaye--feeling for all parties involved. I think that only time will tell what will happen and I am all for that. I am all for being a vessel once again to helping a family's dreams come true.

Well, the pizza man is here and I have to run!



Alicia said...

So glad to see you made your blog public again. I enjoy reading your writings.

From a fellow surrogate!

jodi said...

Love the New Blog.

jodi said...

Love your Blog.I hope you get your Perfect IPs Soon.