Sunday, March 18, 2007

~*What is a D-I-V-A?*~

A Diva is a woman who by all accounts is smart & talented.

According to American Hertiage Dictionary, a Diva is "an operatic prima donna."

Most would use the word "stuck-up" or "conceited" interchangeably when "reserved" and "confident" seem more fitting.

A diva can at times be bitchy and in the same breath revert to her sweet ole' self. A diva can be anything she wants at any given time, because---she CAN.

A diva has a personality that could fill any room she walks in. She just gives off that "vibe".

Every woman can not be a Diva, it's not possible.

Just a note to all---on August 15, 1981----a Diva was born!

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