Sunday, April 1, 2007

I was April FOOLed

My cell phone rings, I awake from my sleep to answer it. I glance at the caller id and notice a familiar number....

"Hello.......Hey Mama"
I grunt as I swing my legs over the bed.

"Tashia!! How do I get to your house from this bridge?"
she asks, her phone breaking a little between the pause.

"Mama!! Are you in TEXAS??!!!"
I jumped out of my bed--dressed as I came into this world, fumbling through my dresser to find something to mask my post-pregnancy body that over the past couple of weeks has began to shrink a bit.

"How do I get to your-----"
I cut her off, because I am literally in awe that my mom has hidden this from me. Hidden the fact that she would take it upon herself to drive 10 hours just to see me!!!

"Mama, are you really here?"
I asked, one leg in a pair of cotton candy colored Terry Shorts.

"Latashia---this bridge is----APRIL FOOL!!!"
My mouth dropped and so did my phone and hopes that---right outside my door would stand the woman who gave life to me, to whom it has been more than a year since I'd laid eyes on and gave the biggest hug to. I pause and say,

"That is one cruel joke!"
Ladies and gentlemen, I was FOOLED!

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Alicia said...

Awww, so not funny :(