Sunday, June 3, 2007

One stick closer!!

Today was my first PIO (progesterone in oil) shot! No matter how many times you do it (every cycle), the first shot is the SCARIEST!!! I have (and always will) administer my own shots from the first time I did started doing them. I literally have to stand in front of the mirror and talk myself into calming down before relaxing. It's a fun "episode" to watch. After the first shot, every shot following gets easier. I have a little voice in my head saying "One step closer to making them (my IPs) parents" and it gets me through it.

Today my voice told me that the 10 minutes it would take me to get through that shot could NEVER compare to the years my IPs have endured without a I just pushed through it----and each night will be easier. For the 12 weeks or so that I will have to give myself the shot, I will be ok. Face it............I could have been years without having my own children and had more to pain to endure, so for that, I am grateful and ONE stick closer to building a family!

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