Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I feel unimportant..........WHY AM I NOT ON YOUR BLOG?

So as i sit here with my baby sis, who happens to have an entry on my blog on last month when she delivered, she seems to make mention of the lack of ENTRIES that include her and how "UNIMPORTANT" she feels here........well, just wanted to send a shout out to Latara Shuntae Provo.....you are very IMPORTANT in my life.

YOU ARE---(1) The last of six children, but the first one I was able to visit in the hospital. You are(2) The first sister that I have been present for and watch her children grow and love on them like a real AUNTIE should. All the others I was in the military, so I missed that fun part of being an AUNT. You are---the first to me what I envision a little sister to be. Supportive, loving and veryyyyyyyyyy fun to be around. And most of ALL you are my best friend. UNIMPORTANT you definitely are not. You are very relevant in my life. Without you I would not be able to---have date night with my hubby. Sneak away while you watch the kids and well--------you know-----play house with my hubby. Without you I wouldn't have someone to come over to my house and spend the night just to kick it and laugh at RHWoATL with. Someone to just look at for shits and grins and make fun of when I need a quick laugh. Someone to get me out of my weight loss funk when everyone else says "You need to try harder"....Someone to just be there when I need a shoulder.

Little sis you are the shell in the egg of my life. You hold me together when no one else even cares........or gives a shit. You matter....you will always matter...and for as long as we are sisters you will always REMAIN important in my life. Never forget that you WHORE! (LOL)

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