Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm a BIG girl now....

After I picked Talia up from Pre-K, I decided to go have a "pamper-mommy" session and get a pedicure. As I sat soaking, Talia ran over to me---

TALIA: Mommy, can I get my nails done?
ME: You can get them done when you get a J-O-B.
TALIA: But---I have a dollar! See, I can pay for my own....
ME: Oh, really? Give the lady a dollar and tell her that is how you'll pay for it.
TALIA: OK! Can I pick my color now.

good deal!!!!Needless to say and true to form, she must really have my genes, because she managed to talk to manicurist into painting her nails and TOES for $1!!!! Truly she is my child and recognizes a Talia got her first mani and pedi!!!

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