Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's official........

He's growing up!!!!

Today we took Korrey II to get fitted for his football gear. I was about in tears just reminiscing in my mind of those days when he was struggling to walk, or crawl, or brush his teeth.........

Boy does time fly!!! And I think it's falling on me like a ton of bricks!!! At 7 years old, he told me the other day after I called him a child and told him to stay in a child's place "MOM! I'm not a child!!! I'm a little man!" LOL. So, in his mind he thinks he's past that stage in life where mommies can call you a little boy anymore.

As for Talia, today was hard for her too!

She found out that the sign-ups for Cheer leading was closed---broke her little heart!!! I went ahead a bought her a little outfit anyway from Sears ($3)....they had a massive sale!!! So now we are looking for an extra curricular activity to enroll her in. She's most interested in Cheer, but I am sure Dance will do as well.

Oh's official.......TIME FLIES!!

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